Soul Quest

Ayahuasca Church of Mother Earth

Soul Quest Orlando Ayahuasca Church of Mother Earth understands how everyone is on their own unique path of enlightenment and healing. People come to the knowledge that there’s so much to offer one another in the process.  The church believes that its way of symbolizing, celebrating, and honoring the spirit embraces all people and transcends boundaries of culture, faith, religion, and science.  In its ayahuasca retreat center, SoulQuest Orlando welcomes guests from all walks of life, whether they are religious, atheists, agnostics, scientists, or doctors. 

Drawing from one of the most powerful shamanic medicines on the planet, Soul Quest Orlando Ayahuasca Church of Mother Earth provides its members with ceremonial ayahuasca retreats for healing and personal evolution.  The retreats have a professional and psychotherapeutic approach that has helped thousands globally.  These gatherings also aim to empower guests with day to day solutions to their problems along with definite answers to many of life’s questions. In this space and time, there’s no hierarchy between man and woman, facilitators, and guests. 

During Soul Quest Orlando‘s ayahuasca ceremonial retreats, guests can look forward to an eye-opening experience.  Ayahuasca medicine can enable a person to create a connection with the universe’s vast energies, the web of spirit and form that underlies the experience of life.  Through the ceremonies, a person will be in touch with human energy, earth energy, animal energy, spirit energy, heart and mind energy, cosmic energy, and all the other surrounding forces. 

SoulQuest Orlando ayahuasca ceremonial retreats, through the Ayahuasquero shaman and the willingness of the individual, work to clear negative spirits and energies from a person’s body and mind. Though this might require a purging, the ceremony results in healing that brings happiness, peace, calm, and more serene mental processes.