How safe is Ayahuasca?

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How safe is Ayahuasca?

Many writers and wise men talk about the hallucinatory properties of ayahuasca as if they are magic.  Soul Quest Orlando believes that the herb allows a person to achieve spiritually clarifying visions, giving them insights about their lives.  Of course, it’s good for the spirit but questions about its safety for the body arise from time to time.

Since ayahuasca is a natural herb and not a synthesized drug, we can say it’s safe for consumption like marijuana or weed.  And like marijuana, ayahuasca induces effects on the body: some of it pleasant, some of it untoward.  According to the staff at Soul Quest Orlando, the untoward effects depend upon how the body of the person taking ayahuasca uniquely responds to the dosage or how their body is wired to take in the compounds of the herb.

The common side effects people taking spiritual retreats encounter involve paranoia, anxiety, diarrhea, and vomiting but these symptoms are entirely manageable.  However, experts at Soul Quest Orlando warn that ayahuasca may interact with certain medications.  People taking medications for Parkinson’s or psychiatric conditions will need to check with their doctor before partaking of the herb.  Antidepressants, cough medications, and weight loss drugs may also have undesirable interactions with ayahuasca, as well as medicines for heart conditions.

Healthy people shouldn’t fear taking in ayahuasca as it is all-natural and has not killed anyone in clinical drug trials.  Any side effects of the drug can be managed through the effective supervision of trained and experienced retreat leaders at Soul Quest Orlando and moderation.

We hope to see you at Soul Quest Orlando so we can talk more about ayahuasca, its psychological and spiritual benefits, and how it can facilitate in a renewal in your life.

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