How long does an ayahuasca trip last?

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How long does an ayahuasca trip last?

People who have participated in shamanistic rituals involving ayahuasca describe the entire experience as a journey.  Colloquially, people call this duration of time that one is under the influence of a hallucinatory substance as a “trip.”  But a journey may take some time and the mind’s perception of time under the effects of ayahuasca may be different.  If you’re curious about how long an ayahuasca experience lasts, the people at Soul Quest Orlando can answer that question.

The answer lies in several factors.  First, the trip’s length will depend on your physical attributes and physical health at the time.  If you’re big and relatively healthy, a small amount may potentially mean a shorter time under an ayahuasca trip.  Another factor is if you’ve already an experienced ayahuasca user before and already know what to expect from the trip.  The familiarity with the experience may change the impression of the length of time when taking ayahuasca.  Medications will also factor in as well as the amount of ayahuasca the shaman is giving.  Finally, no single body is similar, so tolerance to it may differ and may affect the amount of time one is under the influence of ayahuasca, according to expert members of Soul Quest Orlando.

If you want to manage the effects of ayahuasca and be able to handle yourself during the duration of the spiritual journey, you should first check with your doctor.  You should also speak and ask about potential drug interactions with ayahuasca that might negatively impact your experience.  Aside from your doctor, you also need to check any mental health conditions you might have, as this may affect your frame of mind.  Based on the observation of staff at Soul Quest Orlando, the average they see a trip will last is around six hours.  This, of course, is not a fixed number since tolerances to ayahuasca, as mentioned above, vary from person to person.

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